Nomotta Bel Air (1960s): 72% wool / 28% rayon yarn that was sold in 1 ounce, 150 yard skeins. It was a mothproof yarn, and made in Germany.

Nomotta Mothproof Chiffon Lace: 100% wool yarn that was sold in 3/4 ounce, 130 yard balls.

Nomotta Mothproof Festive: 100% wool yarn that was sold in 195 yard, 1 ounce balls. It was a lace-weight, 2-ply yarn.

Nomotta Glint (1950s): Non-tarnishing metallic thread - for that tinselled look. 100 yards per spool.

Nomotta Orlonwas a fingering weight 100% Virgin High Bulk Orlon. It was non shrink, fast drying, super soft. It was sold in approximately 190 yards per 1 ounce skein.</span>

Nomotta Ruban d'Art Ribbon: rayon ribbon yarn. It was put up in 100 yard boxes it was an aran weight yarn at 8 wpi.Edit

Nomotta Silkeen (1950s): was 18% pure silk / 82% virgin wool. It was a glamour lace yarn. It was sold in 1/2 ounce balls.Edit

Nomatta Ruban dArt

Nomatta Ruban d'Art Ribbon Yarn ad.

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