Monarch Yarns2
Monarch Crepe de Laine 1942a

Ottowa Citizen Newspaper, May 22, 1942

Monarch Andalusian (1930s) was a soft wool yarn. It was 4-ply and sold in 1 oz balls (1934). It was suitable for Infant and childrens garments, including carriage covers.  Correct weight for Pullovers, Ladies Hats, Scarves and Berets.

Monarch Crepe de Laine was a novelty rayon and wool yarn, likely a fingering weight, as most yarns of the time were.

Monarch Dove was a light fingering weight yarn made of 100% wool.

Monarch Fairy (1930s) was a 2 ply yarn. It was sold in 1 oz balls. It was suitable for saques, bonnets, pullovers, vests, bands, etc. In 1934 it was available in 30 shades.

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